computer science


Preliminary lectures

A time table of preliminary lectures is provided to all registered students before the start of Semester 1. You should ensure that you are on campus in time to attend the preliminary lecture for Computer Science at the relevant level.

At the preliminary lecture, information will be provided that is not only helpful but essential. For example, you are told, for the first time, where to go for lectures!

From 200-level to 400-level, you will need to fill out a form at the preliminary lecture on the basis of which an account will be created for you on the departmental network. This departmental network is independent of the university network, and you will be given an account to be used when you do practical work for your COSC papers, as well as a departmental email address which you should check daily.

At the 400-level preliminary lectures, the research topics for COSC480 are handed out, and you have a very limited time in which to make your selection, so that students who miss the preliminary lecture have disadvantaged themselves.