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How to burn MSDNAA product CD/DVD's:

Please note - the links on this page referring to a download site, from which you may obtain the product images you have chosen, will accept connections only from computers within the departmental range of ip-addresses. If you are using an external computer (e.g. from another department, or from off-campus) then you will have to download the image(s) from the ELMS website. (The instructions here regarding how to obtain a licence code may help you navigate your way through the site if you need to obtain your product image from there).

Mac users

To create your own media CD/DVD on a mac, do this...

  • Using a web browser navigate to the internal server.
  • Locate the desired MS software title's ISO file and copy it to your desktop.
  • Right-click that file and then "Open with.. Disk Utility".
    (Alternatively, locate "Disk Utility" using Spotlight or look for it in the in "Applications Utilities" folder, then drag the ISO image file to the left pane.)
  • Once "Disk Utility" is open, that ISO image should appear in the left pane. Select that file and then click the "Burn" button at top of that window. Insert a blank CD/DVD and allow the burn process to complete.
  • Delete the ISO image file from your desktop after you have successfully transferred it to your disk media.

Linux Users

  • Using a web browser, navigate to the internal server.
  • Choose the .iso file for the product installation CD or DVD you wish to burn.
  • Right-click the link and save the file to /scratch
  • Open the K3b CD writing program (you will find it under the "Sound & Video" menu).
  • In the tools menu select "Burn CD image" or "Burn DVD ISO image" (whichever is appropriate for the size of your image).
  • Select the .iso file you have saved on /scratch
  • Insert a blank CD or DVD into the drive.
  • Click "Start"

Windows 7 Users

  • Login and then start a web browser and navigate to the internal server.
  • Choose the .iso file for the CD or DVD image you wish to burn and save the file to the desktop.
  • Right click the .iso file and select "Burn Disc image" from the pop-up menu.
  • Insert a blank CD or DVD into the drive (whichever is appropriate for the size of thew ISO image).
  • Click "next" on the IsoRecorder window.
  • Click finish when disc has ejected.
  • Make sure you delete the copied file when finished.

If you have any questions or problems please check the FAQ page to see if there is an answer there, or email the MSDNAA administrator.