computer science


Using ELMS to get a valid licence code

The licence keys are obtained from ELMS. Clicking here should open ELMS in a new browser window.

Choose the "Sign In" option on the top right of the page.

"Username" is your Computer Science Department usercode NOT your OU student ID name or number. If this is not accepted by Computer Science MSDNAA Software Centre (ELMS) then please send e-mail to cshelp describing your problem. (Please include information about what you did to try and access the site, plus any error messages you received.)

"Password" Please use the password you use for access to our departmental computers.

"Email Address" (for use when you check-out). Please use your Computer Science Dept. e-mail address to avoid problems later.

Choosing Software (Ordering Software)

Please Note: You can save yourself and the department the network charges for doing the download if you use one of our departmental computers and obtain your desired product software from our internal server.

Use the menu to browse the software products you wish to obtain license keys for. Choose "Add To Cart" for each piece of software.

When desired products are added to shopping cart you can click the "Shopping Cart" link at the top of the page and then click "Check Out" at the bottom right.

Read and accept the license agreement.

Read any messages pertaining to your software and then click "Continue"

Fill in your name and email details then click "Proceed With Order"

You will be redirected to a page containing a download link(s) and your product key(s). Do NOT download the product(s) at this stage, just obtain your product(s) serial key. Most of the products are available from our internal server so look there first. If product(s) are not available locally, then log back into the CS MSDNAA Software Centre site and download the product via the Download link. Please note that this can only be performed on a Windows-based computer as it uses a special downloader executable (.exe) program that can ONLY run on Windows PC's - not MacOSX or Linux.

If you have any difficulties obtaining any of the software products, please email the Computer Science MSDNAA Site Administrator for further advice.

Once you have downloaded the product software images (.iso) files, proceed to this page: to create your own CD and DVDs. You can then install the individual products from those.