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Students in the Systems Research Group

Present students
PhD students:

    Bhaskar Ashoka (2009 -), "Mobility Management in Next Generation Networks"

    Sheetal Jadhav (2009 - ), "Resource allocation and Call admission control for next generation networks"

    Kai-Cheung Leung, "Evaluating the programmability and the performance of VOPP"

    Jothi Nathella Vijayakumar (2009 - ), "Wireless sensor network for Train localization"

    Jason Mair (2011 - ), "Energy Saving in Large Scale Systems"

    Manish Singh (2011 - ), "Parallel Algorithms"

    Adeel Javed (2011 - ), "Energy Efficient Communication System for Train Localization using WSN (Wireless Sensor Networks)"

Master students:

    Aysha Al-Hinai, "Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks"

    Chakkaradeep Chinnakonda Chandran,"Educator - Connect, Teach and Learn"

Past students

    Syed Faisal Hasan (PhD) - Quality of service in the Internet

    Xiangfei Jia (MSc) - Network based memory paging in a cluster computer

    Byung-Hyun Yu (PhD) - Distributed shared memory protocols

    Birger Brunswiek (MSc) - Vision-based landing of a model airplane

    Sam Lee (MSc) - Embedded Minix toolkit

    Hailing Situ (MSc) - Dynamic load balancing in a cluster computer

    Mark Pethick (MSc) - A kernel to kernel message passing system for Linux

    Clint Cooper (MSc) - Concurrency control in spatiotemporal databases