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Hank Wolfe, Department of Information Science


Introduction to Electronic Forensics


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 25 August


The discipline of forensics has been well established for many decades. In the digital age a new branch of forensics has emerged. It is centered around the proper capture of digital data which is then analyzed, the intention being to find potential evidence if there is any. It has documented methodical procedures just as in other forensic investigation, has been tested in various courts of law, and is now an accepted forensic discipline for the gathering of digital evidence.
This presentation will present an overview of electronic forensics and discuss what may be possible and what may not be possible using these techniques and the associated tools. It will be a mixture of methods and anecdotes from actual cases and presented in straight forward terms that do not require a degree in computing to understand.

Brief Bio:

Dr. Wolfe has worked as an ICT professional for more than 58 years, the last 35 of those years has been devoted to security of various types. He has advised and trained law enforcement in electronic forensics, surveillance and cryptography. Before immigrating to New Zealand in 1979 he was an executive in Washington, D.C., before that for a number of years worked as an intelligence officer, and began his career as a programmer/analyst.

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