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Michael Winikoff, Department of Information Science


Supporting Change Propogation in UML Models


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 20 August


A large percentage - as much as two-thirds - of the cost of any software can be attributed to its maintenance: modifications to the software due to a range of causes after the software has been written. A critical issue in software maintenance and evolution is change propagation, namely given a primary change that is made in order to meet a new or changed requirement, what additional, secondary, changes are needed? I will present recent work on supporting change propagation in design models. This is joint work with Khanh Hoa Dam, a former student, now based at Wollongong University.

About the speaker:

Associate Professor Michael Winikoff joined the Department of Information Science in September 2009, after spending a year working at HEDC. Before that, he was at RMIT University, in Melbourne, Australia. Michael is best known for his work on agents (and especially on the Prometheus methodology for the design of agent systems). His research interests concern how software is developed, including software engineering and programming languages. More recently, he has also been researching using technology for education. In his spare time Michael is a keen musician, playing piano, singing in choir, and composing.

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