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Chris Edwards, Teaching Fellow, Department of Information Science


Networking Audio


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 23 July


With the installation of the Music Department's new SSL mixing console and the founding of the New Zealand Music Industry Centre (NZMiC), there are exciting new possibilities for sound production and performance at Otago, especially across digital networks. To what extent might a "distributed recording studio" be feasible, and what technical flies might await in the proverbial ointment? This talk will examine some of the capabilities of the KAREN research network for audio, discuss the possibility of using the Internet Network Time Protocol (NTP) or the Global Positioning System (GPS) to keep remote audio hardware clocks synchronised, consider the effects of network latency, and suggest some avenues for developing a software infrastructure for distributed audio work.

Chris's academic field of expertise is database systems, but he has a long-standing interest in music and multimedia and has been dabbling in digital audio since about 1990.

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