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Andrew Long, Department of Information Science


The Importance of the Unremarkable: How Twittering is shaping a micro-universe of minutiae and the mundane


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 15 August


Twitter is an online service launched in July 2006 that posed the simple question: "What are you doing now?". It invited users to contribute content (in the spirit of Web 2.0) in 140 characters or less about the details of their everyday lives. This process, atypical in terms of the more onerous blogging or updating of social networking profiles, immediately found an audience.

In this talk I shall babble on pointlessly about Twitter in a vain attempt to discover why I think this burgeoning micro-universe of noise is so bloody fascinating. You never know, it may well turn out that Twitter could be one of the more important technologies to emerge from the overhyped-Web 2.0-ooze.

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