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Professor Amjad Umar, Fulbright Senior Specialist


Next Generation Enterprises: IT Planning (Applications, Networks, and Security) Issues


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 14 March


Next generation enterprises (NGEs) combine emerging technologies with innovative business models to conduct business. This interdisciplinary talk will suggest a simple model for NGEs, explain the main attributes of NGEs through examples from Telecom and other industry segments, and propose a research framework for understanding the business impact of the emerging technologies.

The talk will primarily concentrate on a research project that is concentrating on the following question: how can a technology consumer (e.g. small to medium business) handle the IT planning, integration, security and network challenges that span the emerging business, software engineering and telecom systems. To answer this question, we have embarked on research and development of an intelligent decision support environment that allows IT managers and planners to quickly develop IT infrastructure (including network) plans for new services, establish a security plan for the new and existing systems, and determine a project plan.

Examples and practical insights will illustrate how diverse research results from ontologies (enterprise ontologies, network ontologies), patterns (business patterns, network patterns, security patterns), behavioral studies (e.g. effort versus accuracy), AI (e.g. integrated intelligent systems), and design science can be synthesized to develop a successful system.

The talk will conclude by listing lessons learned so far, outlining future areas of research, and soliciting ideas for future collaborative research between different academic units.

About the Speaker:

Dr Amjad Umar is an Adjunct Professor of Telecom Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, a Professor of Information and Communications Systems at Fordham Graduate School of Business, and CEO of a startup company that specializes in next generation enterprises. He is also a Technical Advisor to the United Nations eICT for the Developing Countriesi Task Force.

Before joining academia in 2003, he was Director of eBusiness and Distributed Systems at Bellcore (part of the Bell Labs system, now known as Telcordia Technologies) for 10 years where he supervised large scale projects in enterprise architectures and integration, mobile computing, and information security. His 20+ years of practical experience includes management and consulting assignments with global telecom organizations, US Department of Navy, US Army Research Labs, Frost and Sullivan (England), Toyota Corp, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, manufacturing organizations, educational institutions, and consulting organizations in England, Singapore, China, Italy, and Canada.

He is the author of more than 60 research papers and has written six books on different aspects of distributed systems, ebusiness, security and wireless communications. He has received numerous awards (Faculty Award from IBM, Fulbright Senior Specialist Award from the US Council of International Exchange of Scholars, Distinguished Faculty Award from the University of Michigan, Best Teacher Award from Fordham, and Outstanding Performance Awards from Bellcore) and is on editorial boards of three international journals. He has an MS in Computer and Communication Engineering and a PhD in Information Systems Engineering, both from the University of Michigan.

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