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Mike Liddle, Department of Computer Science


Perceptual "sameness": how do you know that that beer is still "yours"?


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 21 September


Humans (and probably many animals) are able to view a moving object and maintain a sense that it is the "same" object throughout. We don't perceive a series of freeze-frames that happen to look similar one after the other, but rather we perceive a continuous, coherent world filled with objects that preserve their "unity" for as long as they are in view. Though seemingly trivial, much is still unknown about how exactly the brain achieves this basic but crucial perceptual function.

In this talk I will better describe this problem, present details of research into the object-specific memory thought to underlie this process, and report the results of my own research into the role that multifocal attention might play.

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