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Martin Purviz, Maryam Purvis and Tony B.R. Savarimuthu, Department of Information Science


"Suddenly they all clicked" -- Towards interactive learning


Archway 3 - 1:00 pm, Friday 14 October


In this talk, we describe and report some results on attempting to make the large lectures more interactive by using the clicker technology as well as other methods in facilitating an environment so that the students can become more active learners. The clickers are infrared based small remote controls that have been loaned to the students in INFO 221 which can be used by students to answer the questions posed by the lecturer during the lectures. The responses to individual students are anonymous. Once the answers are received a histogram of the answers provided by the students is displayed. This gives the lecturer a clear indication of the understanding of the students. The lecturer can provide adequate feedback depending upon the results obtained. Since the students' responses are anonymous (not tracked), the students tend to be more willing to participate.

We also discuss other collaborative learning approaches that we have used in our course such as Pair programming and use of discussion board to facilitate better understanding of the concepts covered in the lecture and labs.

Note: There will be a demo on using clicker technology during our talk.

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