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Dr Richard O'Keefe, Department of Compouter Science


Principal Type Schemes for Eiffel Expressions or, Can Eiffel be Saved from its Friends?


Archway 2


Eiffel is a pure object-oriented language with multiple inheritence, constrained genericity, and assertions, which has been around since about 1988. An ECMA standard is in progress, which makes many changes to the language as currently known; the SmartEiffel team at INRIA have also made changes in their free implementation. One area which has been drastically affected is array literals.

I hope to apply ideas from functional programming to salvage as much old code as possible. It appears that yet other changes in ECMA Eiffel may make this impossible, but the INRIA team are resisting those changes, so there is still some point in trying.

The talk will describe the problem, the proposed approach, and some difficulties.

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