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J.P. Lewis (Visitor to the Graphics Research Lab)


Computer Graphics and Immersive Technology Lab, University of Southern California


Archway 2


In this talk J.P. Lewis will describe assorted issues and developments in portraying faces with computer graphics. Topics will include statistical face models for caricature, face tracking, animation versus motion capture, skin rendering, virtual actors, and the "creepy computer face" problem.


JP Lewis is a computer graphics programmer and researcher. He has worked at research labs including the historic NYIT graphics lab and the CGIT lab at the U. Southern California, as well as think tanks such as Interval Research (Palo Alto) and NEC Research (Princeton). He has also worked in the motion picture industry where he received credits on films including Matrix Reloaded and Forest Gump and until recently was director of software R&D at Disney's Dream Quest Images/TSL. His special research interest is in blendshape decomposition.

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