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Professor Kevin Warwick, University of Reading, UK


Practical Experiments Using Implant Technology


Archway 2


Implant technology has much to offer in terms of assisting those affected by a spinal injury, MND, MS or other related issues. By directly sending neural signals to a computer this opens the possibility of either bringing about much improved body coordination or alternatively allowing an individual to control their (networked) environment. However the available technology needs to be tested in real world (human) applications to assess problems of compatibility and effectiveness.

In 1998 Kevin Warwick shocked the international scientific community by having a transponder surgically implanted in his left arm. A series of further experiments took place in 2002 in which neurosurgeons brought about a link between Kevin's nervous system and a computer. This enabled him to control technology by means of his own brain signals, to try out an extra (ultrasonic) sense and to carry out the world's first direct nervous system to nervous system communication.

In this talk Kevin will present the results of his experiments so far that have lead to him being featured as the cover story on the US magazine "Wired". He will also indicate clearly the route to brain implantation and an attempt to communicate by thought signals alone. Importantly indications will be given as to what capabilities can be provided now, by use of implant technology for those who at present have limited output effectiveness.


Kevin obtained his BSc from Aston University,a PhD from Imperial College, London and DScs from Imperial College and The Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague. He has published over 400 papers in artificial intelligence,control and robotics as well as a number of books, the latest being "I,Cyborg"which describes his implant experimentation. He received the Future of Health Technology Award from MIT in 2000 and was made an Honorary Member of the Academy of Sciences, St.Petersburg. Kevin presented the Year 2000 Royal Institution Xmas Lectures and is Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University, UK.

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