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Sherlock Licorish, Department of Information Science


A mild review of several software engineering projects


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 23 September


One year ago I presented a CS-IS seminar focussed on 'Analysing Feedback from the Android Community' as a precursor of an AMCIS-2015 presentation, where I received valuable feedback from the CS-IS community here at Otago. This talk is much wider in scope, and reviews several past and current software engineering-related research projects under my portfolio. This appraisal may stimulate discussions and identify possible areas for future collaboration. Specifically, I will introduce research work:

  1. modelling the software development process and evaluating the use of software methodologies
  2. evaluating software teams' behaviour and performance under various conditions (e.g., performing software design and maintenance tasks)
  3. concentrating on the development and provision of software tools to aid software developers and enhance end-users' involvement in the feedback processes, and
  4. exploring crowd-based requirements detection and prioritisation directions.

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