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Steven Mills, Department of Computer Science; Tony Moore, School of Surveying; Ben Daniel, HEDC


An Augmented Reality Sandbox


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 29 July


We have recently constructed an augmented reality (AR) sandbox, initially for teaching in the School of Surveying. The AR sandbox consists of a 3D sensor and a projector mounted over ordinary beach sand. This allows us to monitor the shapes made in the sand, and project either static (contour map) or dynamic (gesture-driven water simulations) content on to the sand. This talk will describe the AR sandbox we have built, and present initial results from its use in undergraduate teaching. You will also have the opportunity to play in the sand.

This project is a collaboration between the School of Surveying (Tony Moore, Greg Leonard, Judy Rodda), Computer Science (Steven Mills, Lewis Baker), Information Science (Holger Regenbrecht), and HEDC (Ben Daniel).

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