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Stefanie Zollman, Animation Research Ltd


Visual Computing at Animation Research Ltd


Owheo G34 - 1:00 pm, Friday 22 April


Visual Computing is a term for computer science topics that combine aspects from Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Visualization and Human-Computer-Interaction. While this term is often only used within the research context, professional companies such as Animation Research Ltd have long provided solutions and products within the field of Visual Computing. Techniques such as cricket ball tracking and visualization and golf track visualizations are excellent examples for real world usage of Visual Computing and their success shows the high demand for technologies in the field of Visual Computing within the industry.

In order to make successful use of Visual Computing technologies in a professional scope there are several challenges. These challenges include data access, data capturing, data management and integration, as well as real-time data processing, data manipulation and data visualization.

In this talk, I will present a selection of ongoing projects at Animation Research Ltd that are within the field of Visual Computing. These projects include visualization for winter sports, urban visualization, cricket ball tracking and visualization and tracking of people within the scope of social psychology. The talk will cover aspects of data integration from sensors over databases to high quality aerial reconstructions and live video footage, as well as live data capturing, data processing and visualization.

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