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Professor Jörg Muller, Department of Informatics, Clausthal University of Technology, Germany


Multiagent-based modeling and simulation for intelligent traffic and transport systems (ITTS)


Owheo 106 - 1:00 pm, Friday 13 March


Recent developments in Car-to-X communication networks, advanced assistance functions, and autonomous vehicles create new prospects for Intelligent Traffic and Transport Systems (ITTS): Traffic Information Systems may benefit from real-time information provided via cooperative sensing; autonomous vehicles can interact and perform cooperative driving manoeuvres, aiming at improving traffic safety, traffic efficiency, and user comfort; traffic management may provide individual route guidance and electronic road pricing mechanisms to influence the behaviour of (automated and human) traffic participants towards societal goals.

However, the autonomy of traffic participants makes analysing, predicting, and managing future ITTS a very difficult problem, mainly due to the complex interactions between the system participants at and across different levels.

In this talk I report on experiences with a multi-agent based approach for modeling and simulating cooperative traffic control and autonomous vehicle scenarios. I sketch the underlying conceptual paradigm and architecture, exemplify the use of game-theoretic and computational social choice methods in the traffic application domain, and report on ongoing work geared towards platforms supporting modeling and simulation of multi-agent based simulations.

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