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Maryam and Martin Purvis - Department of Information Science


RMDL: 4 Principles Underlying Successful States


Owheo 106 - 1:00 pm, Friday 19 September


How many of us really know what the major political parties stand for? And how many of us know what are the basic political principles of our friends and associates? In this talk we will discuss four basic principles that we believe can supply a foundation for more fruitful discourse on the topic of political organization and policies. These principles are simple enough to be comprehensible, yet they are still comprehensive - they cover the basic structural elements that successful societies cannot do without.

We will discuss the grounds for these principles and then show the degree to which various countries around the world manifest them and how their long-term prospects may be affected. It is our belief that all four of the RMDL principles need to be present for the long-term success of a society. The topic is part of current research in progress, and we will conclude by describing briefly some of our plans to carry out social modelling concerning the RMDL principles.

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