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Jinglan Zhang - Queensland University of Technology


Trends of Internet and Mobile growth and consequences - A quantitative study from a search engine's view


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 20 May


The internet is growing fast and will continue to grow but the speed has slowed down. The value of the internet depends on the number of its users. When the growth on the number of users slows down and eventually saturates how the internet development will be affected? Mobile phones are now very powerful and widely used. They are far more important communication technologies than traditional internet. What the impact of these trends will be on the design of the search engines? The talk aims to draw a big picture of the web from its past to its future from the scale aspect and explore its relationship with the world population growth as well as the trend of storage and mobile technologies. The parameters considered include the growth of the world population, number of internet users, number of mobile users, number of hosts, number of web pages, size of web pages, web content update rate, memory card capacity, and hard disk drive capacity. An alternative search architecture is proposed.

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