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Paul Hansen, Department of Economics


What's under the hood of Otago Choice? The PAPRIKA algorithm for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making


Archway 2 - 1:00 pm, Friday 18 March


Having specified the criteria for a decision you're working on, it's important to assign the correct weights representing the relative importance of the criteria; otherwise you'll probably make the wrong decision!

I will present an algorithm for determining the weights for additive Multi-Attribute Value Models based on decision-makers' preferences. (Such models are sometimes also known as 'points systems', 'linear models', 'point-count models', etc.) The algorithm, which is known by the acronym PAPRIKA (Potentially All Pairwise RanKings of all possible Alternatives),* is implemented via 1000Minds software ( ).

1000Minds also powers Otago Choice ( and No Major Drama ( Otago Choice helps students choose from the 106 majors available at the University of Otago and has been used over 50,000 times since going live in 2008. No Major Drama, which was released in February this year, is for students in the US and Canada.

As well as presenting the PAPRIKA algorithm, I will demonstrate and explain the working of Otago Choice and No Major Drama.

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