Computer Game Design

Frequently Asked Questions

I like playing computer games, will I be able to play games a lot in this course?

Probably not. This course is about the creation of computer games rather than how to get good at playing them. There will be a lot to learn and the assignments will take up most of your time during this six weeks. There will however be a bit of testing that needs to be done, and the game critque assignment to write, so there will be a small amount of play.

How do I get into this paper?

The first question is how much computer programming have you done, and what qualifications do you have. The prerequisite for this paper is COSC242, so most students doing second year computer science can enroll. However, if you are at high school then you will need to do two years of computer science papers before you can do this course. These would include, COMP160 Computer Programming, COSC241 Programming and Problem Solving, and COSC242 Algorithms and Data Structures. If you are currently studying at another University you need to contact Willem Labuchagne and discuss the equivalent papers.

So what are some of the equivalent papers for entry to COSC360?

As other universities course change quickly it is best for you to check with Willem Labuchagne before you enroll to discuss the requirements.

I have done COSC242 (or equivalent), when can I enroll?

Summer school enrollment is in August, but it would be a good idea to register your interest as soon as possible. The course is limited to 50 places and cannot be extended.
Update: The university web page states that registration must be completed by 10th December.

Can COSC360 be one of the four 300-level COSC or TELE papers required for a major in Computer Science?


I am doing a COSC minor - can this be my 300 level paper?


When does summer school start?

In the first full week of January.

What language are you using?

We are going to use C# and Unity2D engine for quick development.

What platform will we be programming for?

Most likely we will be working on macOS. Each student will have a machine that they will work on. Students will be working in groups, so there will be a lot to learn about group interaction and team programming.

Last updated:  11th Nov 2016   11:35