COSC301 - Network Management

S1 2017



Video Resources

There will be material here that will be useful to you during the course. I'll let you know when there is something you need to watch.

These movies can only be viewed/downloaded on campus, as bandwidth charges are very expensive in New Zealand. The files are small enough to fit on a USB key-drive etc.

Structured Cabling Virtual Tour

For Lab 2 (Ethernet Practical). ~12min runtime. 25MB, MPEG4. Created especially for COSC301. Also suitable for video-capable iPods. This has been recompressed from the original, so it should stream a lot better across the network now. If you're interested, the model was created in Google Sketchup (nice, but prone to crash).

Lab 12 (Vim) Assessment

UPDATE: The for-loop used is a Bash extension, so you should really use “bash” and not “sh” to process it. On many systems this will not make a difference, but on some systems “sh” might not be “bash” or a cut-down version of “bash” but another, smaller, faster version of “sh”. This is the case on Gallardo, where /bin/sh is a sym-link to dash. On a Mac, /bin/sh is another version of Bash.

UPDATE: This video was made in a previous year. In 2008, you will need to get the Forward Zone file from the DNS lab (currently lab 11), not lab 9 as mentioned in the video.

For Lab 12 (Effective use of the Vim Editor). ~2min runtime. 4MB, MPEG4. If you're interested, I created this with the Snapz Pro X screen recording software, which is excellent, and quite reasonably priced. The terminal emulator I'm using here is not xterm, but iTerm. Because of this, you will need to use use Option-click to paste into xterm (a middle-click), rather than Command-V as mentioned in the video.

Scripting lecture

Everyone is welcome to view this video (from on-campus, of course). This is the lecture that suffered from a “diary malfunction”. It’s rather longer than a 50-minute lecture, so I hope you appreciate the extra discussion.

Back of the Envelope guide to Virtual LANs

This is the first in a (hopefully) series of short presentations on technical topics. The topic being presented in this lecture is about Virtual LANs, which you need to know about for the first routing lab. This replaces the last few slides of the Interior Routing lab on VLANs, since I didn’t think three slides really told the story I was wanting to tell.

The hand-drawn figures are something of an experiment in getting a lot of useful figures up in minimal time, much like taking snap-shots of a whiteboard, but hopefully better thought out. I would appreciate feedback. I may well change this to use a whiteboard at some stage, perhaps to capture live presentations in the lab, but this is a work in progress…

Vyatta OFR Video Demo

Suggested viewing before starting the labs on routing.

Firewall Lecture

This is my recording of the firewall lecture. I have re-recorded the end of it since we ran out of time.

This recording is in a format suitable for playing on a video-capable iPod. Note that I’m currently playing with lecture recording, so it may not be perfect (in particular, it lacks chapter markers) but it seems reasonably good.

This is the IP Accounting lecture, recorded Monday 19th May 2008. 40 minutes.