COSC301 - Network Management

S1 2017



This paper will be useful to anyone wanting to develop some skills in the management of Small Or Home Office (SOHO) networks, and as such introduces you to skills that are very good for any person to have who wants to work with IT, including programmers.

This is a highly practical paper, involving hands-on labs covering skills such as building a network cable and wireless networking.

This paper has been popular with some students who feel they want to pursue a career where programming is not a dominant skill. Beware however, that the labs can require plenty of work, depending on how familiar you are with the environment.

We use Linux and Ethernet as continuing examples throughout the paper, and touch on other systems as needed.

At the conclusion of the paper, you should have amassed sufficient knowledge to begin studying for a basic certification, or to build your own home network, which is a recommended activity throughout and after the paper. The following diagram shows a skill-tree (you might be familiar with the concept from numerous computer games) of the content of this paper, in order to show how the particular topics fit together.

Skill tree showing how labs build on others


The text-book is the laboratory handbook you will be given. It is important that you try to read the labnotes before coming to do the lab. You will find this text-book to be very comprehensive, and very useful after the course.

Lectures & Labs

Lectures are held on Monday at 11am in St David 1 and Thursday at 11am in Burns 7. The contents of the lectures will be examined in the final examination and NOTE that you will have to pass 40% of the final exam in order to pass the paper.

Use of the user account you have been given by the department implies acceptance of, and agreement to abide by, departmental regulations, as well as official Otago University computer user policies. You may read more by accessing the information (and following the links) on our information pages on our departmental web site

Note that all departmental communications to students will use your email account.

Some of the labs are quite long, with a lot of reading material. If you do not read before the lab, you will fall behind.

Labs are held in Lab F in the Owheo Building. There are two lab-streams. All students must attend one of the “PP” streams, and one of the “PQ” streams, although exceptions can be made for students with timetable clashes.

First lab

Either PP1: Monday 12–1:50pm or PP2: Monday 2–3:50pm

Second lab

Either PQ1: Wednesday 4–5:50pm or PQ2: Thursday 1–2:50pm



Zhiyi Huang
Office Room 126, Owheo Building
Phone x5680 (479 5680)

Lab demonstrator

Paul Crane E-mail
Office Room 128, Owheo Building

Class representative

We need at least one class representative, preferably at least two. Please give some thought to serving your class in this capacity. We really do want to receive useful feedback on how the paper progresses.