Algorithms and Data Structures

Internal Assessment for COSC242 is 40% of the total mark (the other 60% comes from the exam).

Programming Assignment

  • Due Friday 15th September (15%) is available here.

Practical Tests

Advice on how to do well in practical tests can be found here.

All Lab Assessments (including practical tests)

Lab Number Weight Due date
4 2% Fri Jul 21st
7 3% Tue Aug 1st
20 8% Fri Sep 22nd
21 2% Fri Oct 6th
22 8% Fri Sep 29th
23 2% Fri Oct 6th


Lab 21 occurs on Sept 26th and Lab 23 on Oct 3rd but they are both due on Oct 6th. Since there are a number of other 200 level assessments due during the second last week of semester, Lab 21 and 23 can be also be marked off during the final lab session on Oct 10th. There will also be a chance to resit one or more of the practical tests on Oct 10th.

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